European Year for Active Ageing

An initiative carried out by two engineer-architects, Francesco Cocco and Raimondo Pibiri, the scientific research project “Dwelling, assistance, health promotion: design strategies for active ageing”  focuses on social housing for the elderly in Europe, on behalf of the Sardinia Region, and co-financed by the European Community.

The project’s analysis of physical and social needs of senior citizens, to rethink and redefine cities’ care models, centres on 3 main points of our research :

  1. Analysis of new forms of coexistence and cohabitation of housing and the most vulnerable social groups, with particular attention to senior citizens.
  2. Study of the best policies for social housing in Europe: innovative projects with a high level of social sustainability and urban integration.
  3. Post-processing of data: identification of parameters aimed at the design of social housing allowing senior citizens to continue living independently.

The project aims to develop a process model of community care governance for the city, starting from interdisciplinary analyses and evaluations. The goal is to fully “take care” of the older people according to the different levels of self-sufficiency, to ensure dwelling spaces and services suitable to their physical and social characteristics.

Research results will be presented at several conferences organised throughout the year such as:

  • ESPAnet conference 2012, 20-22 September 2012 in Rome, Italy.
  • MED.NET.EU conference, 27-28 June 2012, Genoa, Italy.
  • ANSDIPP conference, 28 March 2012, Cagliari, Italy

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